Fragmentology VI is out

Fragmentology VI (2023) has now been published!   Featuring:
  • William Duba, Finding the Prior Leaf: Manuscript Fragments and Original Codices
  • Elizabeth Mullins, Carolingian Bible Fragments in Dublin
  • Pieter Beullens, Binding Waste as Evidence for the Reconstruction of a Lost Aristotelian Manuscript
  • Chris Schabel, A Folio from the Somnium Viridarii
  • Leonardo Costantini, An Offset Fragment in Uncial from Montpellier
  • Margaret Connolly, Book Review of Hannah Ryley, Re-using Manuscripts in Late Medieval England: Repairing, Recycling, Sharing
  • Robert Schöller and Luke Cooper, Conference Report on Fragmente und Fragmentierungen: Neue Zugänge zur mittelalterlichen deutschsprachigen Überlieferung, Freiburg (CH) 13–16 September 2023